WeatherLok...We've Got Green Locked Up

WeatherLok has made it a mission to provide you with energy-efficient, maintenance-free products that help to lower your energy bills. But that's just the beginning! From environmentally-sensitive manufacturing processes, to use of recycled content, the goal of WeatherLok is to produce high-performance windows that meet or exceed current energy-efficiency standards.

Saving You Energy & Money

  • The warm-edge glass sealant systems insulate the window frame and edge of glass up to 50 percent better than roll-formed metal spacers and up to 90 percent better than aluminum spacer bars.
  • Low-E glass includes up to three layers of a thin silver coating that allows ample visible light to pass through, while blocking infrared and ultraviolet radiant solar energy.
  • The result: cooler rooms in summer and warmer rooms in winter.
  • Insulating gas options, such as argon or krypton, increase the energy-savings by allowing you to heat and cool your home for less.
  • The majority of WeatherLok's vinyl is compounded and extruded in-house, which allows us to reduce our waste and control our recycling efforts. We recycle our vinyl scrap to maximize yield and minimize the impact on local landfills.
  • Our lead-free PVC vinyl is not petroleum-based, so its production requires no burning and generates no harmful gases.
  • Reclaimed glass from external and internal sources makes up 24 to 28 percent of the raw materials used to produce our glass.
  • Extended life cycles for many of our windows help save energy in America's homes.

Proud of our Products. 
Proud of our People.

Watch this video for a tour of our world class manufacturing facility in action.

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